Statement Regarding the coronavirus situation

Friends of Camp Joy,

What a different season we live in right now!  The response to coronavirus turned most of our lives upside down for sure.  A lady named Dorothy grew up in the town I live in, and remembers the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918.  She’s well over 105 years old.  As a little girl, she remembers carrying water from the outdoor pump to her Mom lying sick in bed.  She and her Mom not only survived but thrived, and Dorothy now demonstrates how a servant of Jesus lives full of joy.

Isaiah 12:1‑3 records a hymn the people of Israel will one day sing to their Lord.  It finishes “. . . with joy you will draw water From the wells of salvation.”  Camp Joy exists to help people, all of us, to draw strength, eternal life, and wisdom from our Lord Jesus, especially from His sacred Word the Bible.

When we train our staff, we teach them how to share God’s Word with their campers.  Then we teach them some skills necessary to help campers enjoy their experience, and even more importantly, how to keep them safe.  Sadly, our Camp Joy board, with camper safety upmost in our minds, decided to cancel all of our summer camping activities.  We also will cancel all activities other than maintenance work and finishing some improvements during the month of June.  We put a great deal of thought, research, and prayer into our decision and believe we honor the Lord and our political leadership (Romans 13:1‑7) best in this way.

We do still plan to hold a retreat August 7‑9, but watch for announcements that might expand the age range of that retreat or perhaps add additional retreats during the fall months.

Humbly, we do this primarily from a concern for the families that trust their children to our care, but also in obedience to our local, state, and national leaders.  Watch for further announcements!  We now plan for some online activities and other things.  Please pray the Lord would give us wisdom, creativity, and cheerful hearts as we plan for the future.  Thanks!


Director, Camp Joy