To register for Camp Joy’s summer camps, please select the link below. Please print and fill out this document and mail it back to Camp Joy at the address on the document.  For now, physically mailing the document with a valid signature will be necessary.  Thanks for your time!

Camp                                                    Dates                                                    Price

Little Kids                                                 June 6-7                                                    $45

Intermediate                                           June 9-13                                                  $90

Junior High                                           June 16-21                                                $100

High School                                           June 23-28                                                 $100

Junior Camp                                          June 30-July 3                                          $80

Retreat                                                     August 3-4                                               $45

We desire that no camper miss camp due to a lack of finances.  If you need help, first, if you attend church, ask if they might pay part of your registration fee.  Next, download and print the following scholarship application and send it in with your registration form and whatever partial payment you can afford.  The director will contact you if your application is approved.S